UK Video River Guides

If you’ve been along to any river trip, run by any Canoe Club, you’ll probably see at least one person wearing an Action Cam:  Just imagine how much footage is recorded, experiences documented.

We have been working on our YouTube Channel over the last couple of month, using the footage we’ve captured to demonstrate some of the activities we do.  We regularly paddle the River Tees and over the years have paddled it in a variety of conditions.  Using these video and information from UK Rivers Guidebook, we have published two videos: the first shows High Force to Wynch Bridge in low and high water. The second video shows one of our favourite sections; Barnard Castle To Whorlton Falls, this time at “scrape”, low and high water.

These video show the main rapids and features, where to get on and off and highlight any hazards.  The YouTube description contains time indexing for the video and a link to the page in the UK Rivers Guidebook.

There is no possible way for Kingston Kayak Club to create similar videos for every river in the country and we encourage other clubs do the same for their local rivers; I know KKC would love to use them to explore new possibilities.

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