White Water

For many paddlers, white water kayaking is the ultimate thrill and challenge. The Kingston Kayak Club recognizes the appeal of white water and provides opportunities for both competitive and recreational white water paddling experiences.

Competitive White Water: The club actively participates in slalom competitions, which are held on white water courses of varying difficulty levels. These competitions allow our members to showcase their skills and compete against other paddlers.

Recreational White Water: We understand the excitement of exploring white water rivers, and the club organises outings to rivers with varying grades of difficulty. These outings are supervised by highly qualified instructors who ensure the safety and guidance of our paddlers.

Club Members on the River Guil - 2014

Caption: Club members paddling on the River Guil – 2014

Participating in white water paddling not only provides thrilling experiences but also offers opportunities to gain the British Canoeing (BC) Performance Awards. These awards recognise paddlers’ skills and competencies, with higher levels requiring proficiency in white water paddling.