Organising an Event

This section is here to provides details to Kington Kayak Club member on how to organise a session, trip or event; on our Lido or further afield.

Anyone can organise an event and the Club will fully support you in doing so.  We want to make our events as varied as possible and you may have an excellent idea that everyone will enjoy.

So what are the steps to consider?

  1. Have your idea – You may want to learn a new skill on the outdoor pool.  You may have just been on a course and want to share what you’ve learned.  You may have always wanted to paddle at a location and want to share that experience with others at the Club.
  2. When do you want to run the event? – Check with the Event Calendar. Where possible we try to avoid clashes, but also consider your audience as your event may not appeal to those attending another event.
  3. Do you have the “On Water” support? – You may already have the qualifications/experience to run the trip for the Club.  If you do not, then the club can team you up with a Qualified Coach/Leader who will provide this “On Water” support.  Simply email the Event Co-ordinator who will find the best person to support you.
  4. Participants – How many do you want to open it up to?  This could be dictated by the number of coaches.  Who is the trip suitable for?  Beginners, experienced?
  5. Equipment – The Club has equipment for all occasions and this is available to Club members.  Time will need to be arrange to collection of equipment from the Club stores.
  6. Transportation – Where will you be meeting for the event and how will people get to the event along with their equipment?
  7. Advertising the Event – Our primary communication is through the email newsletter but events can also be advertised through Facebook.  Simply complete the Event Organisers’ Checklist with the required details and this can be completed on your behalf.  You can also use the Events Portal if you wish to manage participants.
  8. Remember to take a camera to the event and capture everyone’s enjoyment

These are the key things to think about, but you are not on your own.  Our experienced Coaches, Leaders and Paddlers are there to support.  All you need is the idea and the Event Co-ordinator will support you.  Once you’ve done one the next one will be easier.