Can I join your club? The simple answer is yes. The only condition is that you are over 7 years old and must be able to swim 50 metres unaided.You don’t have to join immediately, you can try us out for 4 weeks before paying your membership fees.
How do I enrol on a session? You need to report to the Club House to the right of the car park to pay and obtain a band before the sessions.
Can I borrow equipment? During the sessions all equipment is provided within the session cost: Kayak, Paddle and Spraydeck.  Once paddlers get more experienced they tend to buy their own paddle and spraydeck but it’s always best to get advice first before spending lots of money.
What clothing do I need to wear? When paddling on the indoor pool all you need to wear is your usual swimming costume; however Bikinis are not advisable.
I’ve just bought a Kayak and can you suggest any water were I can go and paddle? Firstly I would always advice you learn the skill before buying your own boat.  Retailers will happily sell you a boat, but it may not meet your needs. Build up your skills first then decide what is the most appropriate boat to buy.  If you do buy a boat before you have started paddling, then ask the retail details of your nearest club so you can learn in the safest possible environment. When I receive emails asking for locations to paddle I will always advise you to come to the club first to learn the techniques. Remember always paddle in groups of no less then 3 and with a qualified instructor. Be safe, canoeing is an extremely enjoyable sport, but doing it without the proper skills and preparation puts yourself in danger and brings the sport in to disrepute.
Do you run rolling courses? sessions are run in such a ways as to provide tailored coaching to meet your needs. So although we don’t run a specific rolling course we will teach you to roll if you ask, we can even teach you the skills to prevent the need to roll.