Canoe Polo

Spectators at a canoe polo match, particularly if it is the first time they have watched such an event, are usually amazed at the speed and skill of the game, and usually quite alarmed at what constitute legitimate tackles! Canoe polo is played by teams of five (although there may be up to eight on a team squad, to allow for substitutes, etc.) and the basic aim is for them to pass the ball from player to player, by hand, and score in their opponents’ goal while at the same time defending their own goal. ( For a more detailed explanation of the game, visit )

Sam Tasker in action - 2015

Sam Tasker in action – 2015

KKC also organise and run one of the country’s most popular international canoe polo tournaments, the Hull International Canoe Polo Challenge, held annually on the Princes Dock in Hull city centre. This is an excellent venue and allows for maximum spectator access, as it is overlooked by the Princes Quay shopping centre; this allows the general public to watch, not just confirmed polo aficionados!

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