Aims, objectives and history

Canoeing increases physical activity and encourages participants to engage in regular exercise. It takes people outside of their comfort zone and challenges their beliefs in themselves. The Kingston Kayak Club provides a supervised and safe environment to do this within and more active lifestyle’s improves participants’ health and wellbeing.

In the past 5 years the club has been voted the best canoe club in England followed by the ultimate accolade of being recognised as the best club in the United Kingdom.

The aims and objectives of the club are:

• To offer coaching and competitive opportunities in Kayaking/Canoeing

To promote the club and activities offered within the local community

• To manage the Albert Avenue premises

To ensure a duty of care to all members/users and ensure they respect the environment whilst paddling

To provide services in a fun but respectful way and ensure that all opportunities are accessible and fair to everyone

Canoeing and kayaking tend to have a public image of a dangerous “extreme” sport and indeed for many enthusiasts it can be. White water canoeing provides the ultimate challenge, and our members compete in canoe slalom at the highest levels and also seek an adrenalin rush in the icy glacial water of the Alps. Those who enjoy competitive team sports can play canoe polo and the club has teams at all levels.

However not all paddle-sports are quite so daunting. At the other end of the spectrum is recreational and social canoeing. This might be a gentle paddle down a slow-flowing river or canal on a sunny summer’s evening, ending with a quiet pint at a convenient riverside pub.

The KKC caters for both extremes and everything in between. Canoeing and kayaking are the ideal sport for the whole family as it is suitable for all ages, abilities and both sexes. We welcome families as well as individual members and provide a wide variety of opportunities for all supervised by qualified instructors.

So that canoeing is accessible to all, the club has a large selection of equipment. Thus allowing anybody to try the sport at a minimum cost.

The Kingston Kayak Club was founded in 1983 from the old Wolfreton School Canoe Club. Originally the brainchild of Rod Dubber and Frank Courtney, it rapidly evolved into a flourishing club.

We have our own clubhouse at the Albert Avenue pools complex and have the sole use of the outdoor Lido pool (this was extensively renovated through Lottery Funding). Regular training sessions are held on the indoor pools (see timetable for times of sessions.). The clubroom is available to hire an ideal meeting room for groups of up to 30. For details contact the Secretary.

Our facilities enable all participants to learn the necessary skills in a safe controlled environment before beginning to enjoy the sport in the great outdoors. We have a strong environmental ethos and all members are instructed on how to enjoy the countryside in a sensitive manner

There are no restrictions as to membership – we welcome young and old, male and female, disabled and able-bodied. Canoeing is a sport for all and as such the Club covers all aspects and disciplines of the sport, allowing the competitive to progress both nationally and internationally yet having plenty of scope for those of us who see our canoeing more as a means of getting some healthy exercise in a congenial atmosphere.

Volunteers are encouraged and nurtured. The club has a program to develop all coaches but in particular youngsters, one of who is 2015 British Canoeing ‘Young Coach’ of the year. The scale of the clubs has led us to become a regional centre of excellence for developing coaches. We hold a bi monthly coaching meeting to continually improve practice and ensure that all members’ capabilities and confidence grow. Recently some of our most experienced coaches have undertaken training so that they can deliver nationally approved courses locally.

The club has strategic importance within the sport and our members have held unpaid senior positions in national, regional and local management committees, as well as providing technical assistance within the slalom and polo disciplines.

KKC has a membership of around 130 but provides canoeing opportunities for a much wider audience in Hull and its surrounding area

During the entire year there is a minimum of 6-coached sessions (3 indoor and 3 outdoor) organised every week. There are regular community events for Scouts, Guides, Youth and disability groups. For 26 years we have run a 6-week school holiday summer school.

We actively look for new outreach opportunities & recently introduced sessions for the armed forces recruits at Leconfield Barracks and for Mathews Hub, a support organisation for young adults with autism. The club is open to all, has a real family feel and we have always enjoyed high levels of participation from girls and woman.

The Club also has an active social side, which is suited to families and individuals of all ages. Members with disabilities are welcomed, and there is virtually no condition that would preclude anyone from joining: the only prerequisite is the ability to swim 50 yards (in any style and at any speed!).

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