Annual Events

Kingston Kayak Club organise a number of events during each year such as Hull International Polo Competition, Howsham Slalom (in conjunction with Lower Wharfe CC), Summer School and York Marathon.

Howsham Weir Slalom

Each year Kingston Kayak Club run a ranking slalom competition in association with Lower Wharf canoe club at Howsham Weir. This years event is on the weekend of 13th/14th July 2019.

We will be running Division 2, Division 3, Open races incorporating the weir and a short course Division 4 event starting below the weir.

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The Joy Davis Hull International Polo Challenge

This years events will be held over the weekend of 6th & 7th July 2024

The competion will be held at Dacre Lakeside Park, NewRoad, Brandesburton, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 8RT.

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Marathon competition is conducted in divisions; the lower divisions can use any sort of kayak (or canoe in canoe classes) but higher divisions use specialised marathon boats, long, narrow and VERY unstable when stationary! Kayaks can also be single (K1) or double (K2) and occasionally even K4; marathon canoes are also narrow and involve the paddler kneeling on one knee whilst paddling with a single-bladed paddle; again, classes are held for C1 and C2.

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Summer School

For over 25 years Kingston Kayak Club has run a summer school. We offer 2 introductory sessions a day for up to 12 children per session at a very reasonable price. Many club members have begun their paddling experience at our Summer Schools, having enjoyed the experience so much that they joined the club, bringing along their brothers, sisters and friends and in many cases Mum and Dad have got involved too!

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Club Awards

Every year we have a presentation evening where a number of paddlers and volunteers are recognised for efforts and achievements during the year. The following trophies are presented. In all honestly all anyone wants to know is who has won the fish award!

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