We’re Back!

We are overjoyed to share with you the long-awaited news of our reopening dates at Albert Avenue! The journey to this point has been a remarkable one, navigating the challenges of COVID alongside the extensive refurbishment process.

A special shout-out goes to the incredible individuals who have played pivotal roles in making our vision a reality. Alan Fisher, Steve Moore, Ethan More, and Adi Clark, your dedication to crafting our storage solutions within the walls of our fantastic new store has not gone unnoticed.

We’d also like to express our sincere appreciation to Sue Burgess, our Secretary, and our Treasurer, Lesley and Julian Median, for their tireless efforts behind the scenes. Their commitment has been instrumental in bringing us to this exciting reopening milestone.

A colossal thank you is reserved for our Chairman, Dave Rawding, whose substantial time and effort have been invested to ensure that our Club emerges from this redevelopment with everything we need to thrive.

Our upcoming sessions:

  • 18th December – The Traditional 3 Monday Sessions
  • 15th January – Back to a Full Range of Delivery 

All session will be advertised and can be booked via our Events Portal at least 2 weeks in advance.  Please book early to avoid disappointment.