National Interclub Championship Finals

KKC Slalom team once again represented yorkshire at the National Interclub Championship Finals which are held at Cardinton near Bedford each year.

The annual event gives the top slalom clubs in the country the opportunity to race each other head to head. 22 teams enter this year, with 12 paddlers in each team competing in their own individual event as well as teams of 3 racing the course at the same time. Its a great event as its the only opportunity for clubs to race their rivals at all levels of the sport on one weekend and see how they compare. Teams can follow their paddlers down their course shouting encouragement as they go and in some cases providing them with refreshments at the end!

KKC’s team was as follows:-

Ladies Team
Prem/Div 1 K1 Woman – Danni Johnson
Div 2 K1 Woman – Nicki Rudkin
Div 3 K1 Woman – Lesley medina

Prem/Div 1 Men Team
Prem K1 Man – Jamie McTighe
Prem K1 Man – Joshua Jackson
Div 1 K1 Man – Duncan Berriman

Div 2/Div 3/Vet Team
Div2 K1 Man – Sam Tasker
Div 3 K1 Man – Matt Sargeant
Vet K1 Man – David Rawding

Canadian Team
C1 Man – Dan Rawding
C1 Woman – Claire Medina
C2 Andy Davies/Scott Rudkin

Overall KKC finished a very commendable 5th out of 22. Not bad for a club who train on a pool!

Many thanks to everyone who paddled, particularly those who filled slots at the last minute.

Thanks to Sue Burgess for running the team and make sure everything went smoothly.

Pics and individual results to follow.

See if you can spot the KKC paddlers on this video