Equipment List – White Water Trips

This page details the equipment you will needs for our club trips.  We paddle throughout the year so it is important to wear the correct equipment to enjoy the sport fully.  All items marked with a * are available for hire from the club for £4 per day.  The club does have a selection of base layer items, but we’d highly recommend that you purchase your own as this will be closest to your skin.  Lycra/Rash Tops have no thermal value so are not appropriate for river trips.

  1. Boat*
  2. Paddle* – Needs to be suitable for the environment
  3. Spray deck* – ensure if fits the kayak you are paddling
  4. Buoyancy Aid*
  5. Helmet*
  6. Suitable Footwear*
  7. Swimwear
  8. Thermal underwear/base layers for top of body and legs
  9. Cagoule*
  10. Towel
  11. Lunch and drink
  12. Bag for wet kit