1st Monday Sessions of 2024

It was wonderful to observe the large indoor pool at Albert Avenue teeming with kayaks once more. Thanks to all the new participants, both the younger and those slightly more mature.

The youngsters demonstrated exceptional skill, successfully completing their capsize drills with spraydecks on. We acknowledge that this can be a challenging task, but mastering the art of safely exiting a kayak is a fundamental aspect of our sport. While the primary goal is to keep the kayak upright and avoid finding oneself swimming alongside it, occasional mishaps are part of the learning process.

It’s fantastic to welcome numerous new adults, and I extend my apologies for the imbalance in the availability of larger boats. As we gain insights into the demographics of participation, we’ll make adjustments and appropriate accommodations.

The pool was rather cold last night, and I’ve discussed the possibility of increasing the temperature with the manager. However, due to heating costs, this might not be feasible. Therefore, considering the chilly conditions, it might be worthwhile to invest in ‘thermal’ type tops. Avoid lycra, as it tends to draw heat away from the skin. Such base layers are not only suitable for canoeing but are also warmer than cotton t-shirts. Mountain Warehouse currently offers discounted Merino wool base layers, particularly the kids’ ones, which are excellent value. Of course, similar products are available elsewhere, but for a first piece of canoeing equipment, this would be a sensible purchase.

A big thank you to the coaches, pool controllers, and desk staff. The club relies on their voluntary dedication, both in obtaining qualifications and coaching, to operate effectively.

Our pool sessions are just one facet of what we offer. As you embark on your paddle sport experience, stay informed through our newsletters to discover the array of exciting opportunities available.

KKC takes pride in being completely open and strives to deliver what our members desire. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve or do things differently, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

Thank you for joining us.

Dave Rawding
Chairman, KKC