River Hull Litter Pick & BBC

We only have one planet and we need to take care of it.  At Kingston Kayak Club we enjoy our natural environment and want to ensure it is pristine.

On 25th April, along with East Yorkshire Canoe Club and the Wombles of Beverley we had 30 People on land, canoes, kayaks, SUPs; putting in the effort to clean up a 2 miles stretch of the River Hull around Weel.

This attracted media attention from BBC Radio, TV and Hull Daily Mail.

Thank you to everyone for your efforts, including the East Riding Council team who tool the rubbish away.
A staggering 103 Bags of waste was collection and at least the same was collected of none bagged waste.  This is a list of some of the more unusual stuff collected:
  • 2 Dolls
  • A boat or bus seat.
  • 4 tyres
  • Several inner tube
  • A fishing net
  • 9 Tarpaulins
  • 7 Carpets
  • 4 Plastic containers
  • 2 Metal Canister
  • 1 tonne aggregate sack
  • A Scooter
  • A Motor Bike Frame
  • Several Coats
  • A Sweeping Brush
  • 2 Fridges
  • A Garden Chair
  • Sofa
  • Life ring (broken)
  • A old TV
  • Huge 205litre Barrell.
  • A motorway spec traffic cone.
Not much of this can be considered accidental, some careless much deliberate. 
Thank you to Dave White and family for organising a great event.