Membership Renewal

Membership renewals are now live.  We have two ways to renewing your membership:

  1. New Electronic Membership through British Canoeing’s ClubTogether.
    • If you are an existing British Canoeing member, login in to your account on the British Canoeing Website. Ensure, in the My Club section, it shows Kingston Kayak Club.  Next go to membership.  Click on Add under where it says Kingston Kayak Club and select the appropriate membership.
    • If you are not yet a British Canoeing member then you can register for British Canoeing for free and then join Kingston Kayak Club.  Simply register your details on the British Canoeing Website, login to your account, add Kingston Kayak Club under My Club and then under membership add the appropriate membership.
  2. Good old fashion paper membership. KKC Membership form 2019-20
    • If you are an existing British Canoeing member you can simply pay your money to the club, complete your basic details, marked with a *, on the linked form and hand it the Andy Davies or the Desk.
    • If you are not an existing British Canoeing member then you can complete the full form and pay at the Desk.

Both membership methods will result in records being held on BC’s ClubTogether system and you will receive emails from the portal.  This is to aid with administration and meet the demands of GDPR.

An explanation of all the membership types can be found at Joining | Kingston Kayak Club

There are a huge number of advantages to using the British Canoeing system and we have been invited to be a Pathfinder club.  We expect there will be teething problems with the system.  Please let me know if you do have issues and I will support you/raise them with British Canoeing.

Andy Davies
Membership Secretary