Clubhouse update, A Team Success and more

Just over a week ago Andy and I arrived at the clubhouse to find that we had an indoor white-water course running through the building. We turned off the water and found that there was a leak in the attic/roof area leading to water entering the main part of the building over the kitchen and ladies shower area flooding out into the corridor and through the floor into the stores below.

Since then a number of steps have been taken; Hinks, our Insurance Brokers, were contacted early Monday morning and started arrangements with Crawford’s the Loss Adjusters representing Axa.

Alan contacted our electrician who has put in an emergency circuit board to restore power to some plug sockets on the first floor and to the shutter on the ground floor. Many of the rest of the plug sockets, the heaters and the lighting cannot be used.

Member Lee Larkin located the source of the leak and has repaired it. Although we now have a watertight system the decision has been taken to keep the water turned off for the present in the cold weather.

Polygon have been to the building and installed de-humidifiers and dryers in the club room and ladies’ showers. They will return this Friday to install more downstairs. They have also taken humidity reading of all the walls and will be preparing a report for the Loss Adjusters. They will also be responsible for issuing a ‘Dryness Certificate’ which will allow repair work to progress. Drying could take three weeks.

Crawford Loss Adjusters came today (Monday 12th). A full inspection of the building was carried out and the following noted:

  • The main club room has damage to the sub-roof and the suspended ceiling with tiles destroyed; the lighting and heating units are damaged; the kitchen cupboards and counter are showing water damage. >The carpet was totally soaked and there may be damage to the cushioned seating around the walls.
  • The lobby is showing signs of water damage along the exterior of the toilet walls.
  • Both ladies and gent’s toilets are showing water damage to the interior walls and the floor covering. Both doors are sticking.
  • The corridor has water damage at ground level along the corridor and at roof level near the ladies changing rooms.
  • The ladies changing room show severe damage near the showers and all light fitting were filled with water. It can be assumed the ceiling heating units were similarly damaged.

At present it appears that the boiler cupboard, the gent’s changing room and the back stairs have escaped damage.

On the ground floor we have extensive water damage to the plasterboard walls and ceiling throughout. They may all have to be replaced. There is damage also to the flooring in the disabled toilet area plus the water heaters etc. The main electricity circuit board in the stores is out of action.

We remain hopeful that this should be covered by our building insurance.

A number of items should be covered by our contents insurance – although we are waiting for PAT testing to confirm if electrical items need replacing. These include the fridge; microwave, TV, DVD player, printer, telephone, portable stoves and ergo. The book case is also showing signs of water damage. The tables and chairs appear undamaged. There appears to be no contents damage in the stores – luckily our kit is designed for water.

What happens next?

The immediate desire is to strip out the club room but we have been advised not to.

We are waiting for a visit from the Loss Adjuster’s Surveyor – date to be agreed. Hopefully soon. The Surveyor will then put together the schedule of work. We will have two possibilities either use their contractors to do a complete clearance and rebuild or to project manage the process ourselves with our preferred trades people and members. We will discuss both options in detail with the Surveyor and within the Kingston Kayak committee.

Can we use the outdoor pool?

The outdoor pool is able to be used and we can remove kit from the stores. The containers are not affected apart from the lighting within them. The problem is with changing facilities and committee members are in talks with the pool staff to use the changing room in Albert Avenue. We will update you on this.

Not great news but we are making progress as fast as we can and thank all the members for their offers of help at this time. We will keep you informed of any changes.

Can I thank Julian and Alan for their great work is sorting matters to date. We have received many offers of help but are not yet in a position to determine how best your good will can be utilised.

So lets have some positives. Kingston A Team won the National Division one Championship and next season they will be joined by the B team.

The indoor sessions are busy and I thought that the youngsters and coaches last night had a brilliant session. The atmosphere is excellent and the progress of some of our youngsters is great. We looking towards identifying some youngsters to train to become coaches and its great to see the potential some are showing.

The AGM is 23 April in the upstairs of the pool complex please ensure we have a great turnout.

Dave Rawding