KKC Slalom

Sunday 10th April 2016

Change of venue now at Albert Avenue Outdoor Pool

As you may know we are running a slalom competition this weekend on Sunday on the outdoor pool at Albert Avenue (not as previously advertised at Princes Quay).

The entry fee is £5 which includes use of all the equipment.

The course will be set up by 11am and there will be free practice until 12am.

We will start the racing shortly after 12am. Prizes and certificates will be given out at the end.

All paddlers will be able to take 2 timed runs on the course, the best run counts. You will be timed from the start to the finish so don’t forget to sprint to the finish line.

One or more touches on a gate costs you a 2 second penalty and missing a gate or doing it incorrectly gets you a 50 second penalty.

The gates will be numbered 1 to 12. You must do them in the correct order and in the correct direction. You paddle down through green gates and up through red gates. To help you work out which way to go the number boards have a red cross on them, if you see that you are going the wrong way round!

If you are going to race please fill in your race card as soon as possible so we know you are coming but don’t worry you can enter on the day!

PS. If you have raced at a Division 4 slalom at any time in the past and got promoted you are not eligible to enter as you are a Division 3 paddler.

Duncan Berriman
KKC Slalom Coach/Rep