Malton Hasler – 19 May – well done Kingston Kayak

Despite the rain over the last few days and the River Derwent rising over three feet (One metre) overnight the Malton race went ahead. It was tricky racing against the current upstream needing some eddy hopping to make progress at times whilst dodging the overhanging trees but an awful lot faster with the current on the way back.

Well done to Ryan Dunn on his gold in the fun race – his brother Liam missed the turn and carried on to complete the four mile course instead in his polo boat.

Richard Hague and Aiden Whitley had their first pairing in the Hody K2 and did extremely well to finish in the conditions as it was their first time on moving water.

I made up the Kingston paddlers and all of us contributed to the Regional points tally.

Remember the YORKSHIRE SPRINT at Kelsey Gardens on SATURDAY, 25 May and the DERWENT MIKE JONES Race on SUNDAY 2 June. Come along and try these events – all very friendly. Ask at the club for further details or contact me on

Julian Medina