Help for Hull Polo International

OK so you are all members of the best canoe club in the UK in 2010. Quite coincidentally we also just happen to run the best polo competition in the country to! However both only happen because the combined efforts of all the club members.

Well this year the well oiled and smooth organisation for the international is going to be a little more challenged than normal. We are all aware that it is the ‘dynamic Davis duo’ that are actually the main drivers behind this event. Well this year we need to give them more support than ever before and that is where you can assist. I am confident that we will all rise to this challenge and show those other clubs that organise events how the KKC has yet again over shadowed their more humble affair!!

On a more serious note the basic plan is as normal.

Next Sunday PM the floating goals will be erected and placed in quay by A and B teams

6pm Wednesday 30 June at club house for usual transportation of kit to quay and setting up of pitches.

9 am Friday 2 July at quay for creation of boat compounds, barriers and scaffolding. This is generally a full on day and the more help the better (many of us take the day off).

Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 July is the competition and really anybody that is not playing can assist with the multitude of things that need doing. Don’t worry if you have never been to a polo event and not sure how you can assist all the roles are very easy to pick up (let’s be honest even Geoff can do most of them!) .

The old adage ‘many hands make light work’ really comes into play. Not only will it help the most prestigious polo event in the UK run smoothly it is actually real good fun to take part in helping.

This really is just a gentle reminder to all members to offer a helping hand. This year more than any other it is essential we give the dynamic duo as much support as we can. There will be a list on the desk asking for names so that we can get an idea of who is available and when.

In anticipation of your support.

Dave Rawding