Come and Try it Session

KKC are running a Come and Try It session on the day of the Lord Mayor’s parade, which is SATURDAY 15 MAY. The session will be between 10.30 – 4.00 at Princes Quay.

Quite a few coaches have offered to help, but if there is anyone else out there that is willing to help out, I’d be very pleased to accept your offer.

We’ll need people on the water as well as people on the water side. So you don’t have to be a coach.

I’ll be round and about at the club over the next couple of weeks, but if you don’t happen to see me can you let Meg know if you’re able to help.

Could all of the coaches that have volunteered to help at this event, please let me have your car registration number before Tuesday 4 May.

I have negotiated free car parking at Princes Quay but I will need the registration number of each car that requires a car park pass.

My email address is

Thank you for your offer of help, it is very much appreciated.

Sue Burgess