Club Awards

Every year we have a presentation evening where a number of paddlers and volunteers are recognised for efforts and achievements during the year. The following trophies are presented. In all honestly all anyone wants to know is who has won the fish award!

Steven Goodrum Trophy (Judged Committee)

Awarded to an under 14 who has participated or tried as many aspects of the sport as possible and has shown an overall keenness or some one who has overcome a fear or adversity to carry on paddling.

Keir Davie Trophies (Judged Committee)

For ‘Endeavour’.

Frank Courtney Award (Judged Chairman)

Awarded to a non-paddling club member who in the chairman’s opinion has given a large or valuable contribution to the well being of the club.

Slalom Trophy (Judged Slalom Representative)

Awarded to the paddler who has been the most successful or improved the most.

Marathon Trophy (Judged Marathon Representative)

Awarded to the paddler who has been the most successful or improved the most.

Polo Trophy (Judged Polo Representative)

Awarded to the paddler who has been the most successful or improved the most.

Fish Trophy ( Ballot from the club members or Committee)

Awarded to the person ho has the most epic swim, most swims, most stupid act. Not malicious but judged for fun

Trisha Rawding Coaching Award

Awarded to the person who in the view of the committee has used their coaching skills to promote the sport of canoeing in any discipline.

The 2017 winnders were:-

Steven Goodrum –

Kier Davey – Archie Bennett

Frank Courtney – Dave White

Slalom – Jacob Abbott

Marathon –

Polo Junior –

Polo Senior – Gareth & Sarah Jones

Fish Award –

Trish Rawding Coaching Award –

Historical Records

Polo Award
2017 Gareth & Sarah Jones
2016 Alex Lowthorpe
2014 Eddie Lart
2013 Neil Ward
2012 Liam Dunn
2011 Lee Busby
2010 Andy Lowthorpe
2009 Stu Norris
2008 Claire Medina
2007 Stu Norris
2006 Katie Thompson
2005 Alex Boyes
2004 Duncan Berriman
2003 Lesley Medina
2002 Lesley Medina
2001 Trevor Watson
2000 Dan Rawding
1999 Scott Jones
1998 Scott Jones


Youth Polo Award
2011 Luke Robinson & Luke Bainbridge
2010 Alex Jones


Slalom Award
2017 Jacob Abbott
2016 Jack Burrow
2015 Jordan Allan
2014 Sam Burrow
2013 Sam Burrow
2012 Jordan Allan
2011 Jordan Allan
2010 James Daubney
2009 Tom Bottomley
2008 Josh Jackson & Kane Johnson
2007 Hannah Burgess
2006 Danni Johnson
2005 Dan Rawding
2004 Hannah Burgess
2003 David Knibb
2002 Elish Jennison
2001 Lucy Eland
2000 Leighton James
1999 Naiomi Jones
1998 Sally Ela


Marathon Award
2011 The Lightnings Yorkshire Cup Winners
James Daubney
Adam Daubney
Jordan Allan
David Bainbridge
Edward Lart
James Sole
Emily Sole
2010 Claire Medina
2009 Alex Lowthorpe
2008 Andy Lowthorpe & Lee Larkin
2007 Andy Lowthorpe
2006 Alex Lowthorpe
2005 Peter Dixon
2004 Eilish Jennison
2003 Claie Medina
2002 Andy Lowthorpe
2001 Hannah Burgess
2000 Tessa Jones
1999 Daniel Aubry
1998 Daniel Aubry


Chairmans Award
2017 Dave White
2016 Dave Rawding
2015 Lesley and Julian Medina
2014 Sue Burgess
2013 Sarah Jones
2012 Scott Rudkin
2011 David Lowthorpe
2010 Meg Rudkin
2009 Joy Davis
2008 Peter Tasker
2007 Lowthorpe Family
2006 Alan & Paula Fisher
2005 Hilda Borman
2004 Joy Davis
2003 Sue Burgess


Frank Courtney Shield
2011 Anji Daubney
2010 Vicki Lowthorpe
2009 Trudi Johnson
2008 Graham Padley
2007 Dave Lowthorpe
2006 Trudi Johnson
2005 Lesley & Julian Medina
2004 Don Knibb
2003 Bob Jones
2002 Phil Eland
2001 Alan Fisher
2000 Alan Leighton
1999 Alan & Paula Fisher
1996 Barry Carlisle


The Keir Davy Memorial shield for endeavour
2017 Archie Bennett
2016 Joe Welsh
2014 Jack Pattison
2013 Richard Hagues, Nicky Allen and Marie Dickens
2012 Joe Sharpe
2011 Paul Woodward